29th June 2018

The 2018 End of Season Open Fours

is now fully


This years Prize Money will be £320 

     1st = £160 plus the Derek Sharpe Memorial Trophy ,

     2nd = £100

     3rd = £60

We ask that all entries supply an e-mail address - This is due to the increase in postal charges. Programmes will no longer be posted out prior to the day - they will be given to you on arrival. All details of the draw (including Session times) will be e-mailed to you prior to the day and will be posted on this page.

The 24 confirmed entries for 2018

  A Binnie (GB Brittons)  - Fat Boys & Slim

  I Purdey (Wilmott Park) - The Park

  J Parker (Caldicot) - Unbiased

  D Harvey - Bowldilocks & the Three Bears

  P Harvey (Bishop Cleve) - B.C.B.C Boys

  R Batt (Avonvale) - Four Tops

  K French (Redland Green) - Jims Boys

  I Gauld (Olveston) - Gauld Blend

  J Heal (Bristol St George)  - Dragons

  A Locke (Olveston) - Keep it in the Family

  W Matthews (Camberley) - The Exiles

  A Boots (Caer Glow)- Fair City

  I Sanger(Shaftesbury) - The Shaftsbury Four

  D Wiggall (Cheltenham Spa) - The Wanderers

  K Ireland (Page Park) - Family

  C Beavis (Bradley Stoke) - Stokers

  L. Dunsford (Canford) - Trymsters

  I Curtis (Olveston) - Mr Crusty & Co

  S Trent (Wilmott Park)- Who's round is it ? 

  G Hodgkinson (BAC BAWA ) - The Unusual Suspects

  T. Clash (Begbrook Green) - The Outcasts

  P. Stinchcombe (Tetbury)- Happy Campers

  D. Sharpe (Tetbury)- Sharpe Shooters

  T Summerton ( Bristol Arrow) - The Sportsmans

2017 Champions - The Park