October 2017 - May 2018

At the end of each season a "Wish List" of jobs to do during the closed season is drawn up. Whilst this year has also seen work carried out as part of the successful CETB grant application, a lot of work has also been carried out by the small group of members who give up their Monday mornings to carry out important maintenance work to the clubhouse and grounds. Here are a few that have been - or are currently being carried out by the Monday Morning Working Parties.

1. New Changing Room for our Visitors

This facility includes a Toilet, Wash Basin with Hot & Cold water, Lighting & Heating plus a large changing room.

2. Inner Kitchen Refurbishment

3. Fitting of a Sink Unit 

 Hot & Cold Water, plus New Spill Boy Glass Washer in the Clubhouse bar area.

4. Extensive work to the Clubhouse Toilets 

 including the fitting of 3 New Toilets, Stainless Steel Urinal, Cistermiser Water Control Valves x 2,           New floor covering , Removal of metal railings in Ladies and the fitting of a roller blind.

5. Fitting of a Cycle Rack

6. Decoration of the Inner Balcony is now underway !

7. Cutting of the tree's in the far corner.

8. UPVC Cladding of various locations throughout the building.

9. Painting of the Clubhouse Walls

10.Moving of the Water Tank.

This has now been moved from alongside the main gate to behind the new Visitor Changing container. Water from the roof will now fill the tank, and can be used on the bowling green and flower beds - saving the club further money.

The tap for water tank is located at the front of the building.

11. Paint of the Derby Road fence

12. New Signage 

New Clubhouse Signage for 2018

Approaching from the Sefton Park Road direction

Approaching from the park gates on Somerville Road

13.  Racking of the Garden Shed

14. Installation of Electric Stairlift to front staircase.

15. Tending of the gardens and surrounds

All this work has been carried out by club members                                                          And still the work goes on !