ECT Refurbishment Project / October 2017 to March 2018

Enovert Community Trust (formerly Cory Environmental Trust in Britain) is an environmental body which supports community and environmental projects.

The Trust awards grants under the terms of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), providing funding to a broad range of projects that have as big an impact on the community as possible.

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Latest Developments - Friday 4th April

Project Completed.

Works have progressed over the last 2 months, with much needed plumbing and electrical upgrades.

WEEK THIRTEEN (Jan 8th - Jan 13th) 


WEEK FOURTEEN (Jan 15th - Jan 20th)

New door closers on the 2 internal club doors.

Rework to the new PVC main entry doors.

Rendering to the end of the building.

Balcony work finished.

WEEK TWELVE (Jan 1st - Jan 6th)

Work on the club has been quiet over the Christmas and New Year period.

New doors have now been fitted to both the cellar and shed, and safety treads to the cellar stairwell.

Prep work to the end of the building is almost completed in readiness for the new changing room container.

New UPVC entry doors have been fitted to the clubroom.


December 11th 2017 - Following a major overhaul of the outdoor balcony, its great to see the return of the Bristol St Andrews clock.The clock which has overlook the bowling green for over 70 years, was taken down recently with the old balcony bars &  rails.

WEEK EIGHT  (December 2nd - December 9th)

WEEK EIGHT - The dry weather has allowed work to continued outside this week with new doors being fitted to the Gardening Store room and the blown rendering on the bottom half of the building at the tennis courts end to the be removed. The land to the side of the building has also seen further work, with the removal of the tree and the base being prepared for both the new changing room facility and the relocation of the water tank. The water tank will store rain water that will then be used for watering the bowling green and gardens - saving the club money in water rates.

           Week Seven  (November 29th)

WEEK SEVEN : Following the completion of work to install Solar Panels on our new roof, this week has seen the removal of the scaffolding. Further work has also been carried out on the installation of two UPVc doors - One replacing the main door at the top of the metal steps, and a second has been fitted to the doorway that leads out onto the balcony. The clubhouse bar cellar has now also had a new LED Strip light - the first of many to be fitted thought the club in the coming weeks.

23rd November 2017

Solar Panels have now been installed !!

Today has seen the installation of 21 solar panels onto the roof of our clubhouse. Paperwork is currently being completed which will help us claim money back for excess energy generated and fed to the National Grid.

Week Five & Six ( 13th - 20th November 2017 )

WEEK FOUR & FIVE: Building work has been slightly slower over the pass two weeks as the club needed to obtain an EPC report prior to the solar panels being installed. However, the work carried out to date helped the club to achieve a good report, which now means the panels can now be fitted next week. Work has also started on the viewing balcony, with the wooden rails being replaced with taller ones that meet the current building regulations. Further work has also been carried out by members in reorganising both the clubhouse cellar and gardening shed.

Week Four (06/11/2017)

WEEK FOUR - The fitting of a new roof and guttering has now been completed, and the scaffolding is starting to come down. The clubs decision to fit solar panels has meant that the scaffolding on the bowling green side will need to stay a little longer - this will in the long term save us money!      This week has also seen the introduction of a canopy over the main entrance metal staircase. 

Week Three   (w/c 30/10/2017)

WEEK THREE - The fitting of a new roof & guttering is now nearing completion. New UVPC Doors have also been fitted to the Changing Room and Skittle Alley Door. Floor tiles at the top of the main staircase stairs and on the outdoor balcony have been replaced with Anti Slip tiles.

Balcony Tiles Replaced

Week Two  (w/c 23/10/2017)

WEEK TWO - With the old roof removed a lot of time this week has been spent fixing the new roofing in place. The Old wooden windows in the kitchen (2), clubhouse lounge (4), and clubhouse toilets (2) have been replaced with UPVC windows.  

Week One  (w/c 16/10/2017)

WEEK ONE - Following the erection scaffolding and the arrival of a sealed container for transporting the old asbestos sheeting work could now start. The old roof was removed by a specialist company from South Wales working alongside Mogford Prescott. Unfortunately the weather during the removal was not good, but despite this they managed, not only fit the new roofing sheets - but also fit further insulation. The roofing joists ( which were nearly 100 years old) were in the main, in very good condition - with only two sectionsneeding to be replaced.