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Teams for Session One ( Teams to arrive by 8.30am)

A . Ireland Family   - Ken Ireland (Page Park BC)

B. Keeping it in the Family - Andy Locke (Olveston BC)

C. Fair City - Andrew Boots (Caer Glow BC) 

D. Glenhawkes - Chris Johnson (Bishop Cleeve BC)

E. Four Tops - Roger Batt (Avonvale BC)

F. Taylors Boys - Taylor Sparey (Bristol BC) 

G. Team McFuidge - Simon Fuidge (Clevedon Prom )

H. The Shaftesbury Four - Ian Sanger (Shaftesbury BC)

J. The Park - Ian Purdy ( Wilmott Park BC)

K. Trymsters - Lorraine Dunsford (Canford BC)

L . The Bloomers - Linda Perry (Bath )

M . BCBC Boys - Phil Harvey (Bishops Cleeve BC)

Teams for Session Two ( Teams to arrive by 9.40am)

N . Wiggles Wonders - Dave Wiggall (Cheltenham Spa BC)

P . C- Aces - Jan Bowry (Canford BC)

Q . Shallow End - Kevin Lowes (Canford BC)

R . Jim's Boys - E Farrent (Redland Green BC)

S . Bowldilocks & The Three Bears - Dawn Harvey

T . Gauld Blend - Ian Gauld (Olveston BC). 

U . The Dragons -John Heal (Bristol St George BC) 

V . The Unusual Suspects - Gareth Hodgkinson (BAC BC)

W . The Wenglish - Jill Parker ( Callicott BC )

X . The Exiles - Will Matthews (Camberley BC)

Y . In Aid Of Cancer - Ali Binney (G B Brittons BC)

Z . Stokers - Colin Bevis ( Bradley Stoke)

Our thanks to Mr Doug Johnson (President) & Mr John Wood (Competition Secretary) of the City & County of Bristol Bowling Association for making this years Tournamentdraw.